Nike Football: Winner Stays DXB

Our recent work for a High Energy TVC  for Nike


Production: FilmWorks
Pilot : Bango
Operator : Leo

Mobily - Stadium Shot at 250 Metres

We were recently asked to fly over Dubai International Stadium to get a special plate shot ( see end of the TVC )
The Octocopter reached a height of 250 metres and flew the Red Epic Carbon Fibre Dragon with a PL Mount Lens.

The footage was shot at 6K to get the best resolution possible for post prodiuction.

 Pilot - Bango
Operator - Saul
Production - FilmMaster

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2014 The All New Lexus GX - Aim Higher

Pilot : Bango
Operator : Leo Bund
Production : FilmWorks

We go Imax 3d and make History

The Benchmark at the moment for any professional UAV aerial team is can you lift a Red Epic?
We have just created the world's first 3D UAV system and gimbal to fly not 1, but 2 at the same time!
3D experts in the UK rigorously tested it - it has shot 1 film already - we have been awarded the contract to film a further 4 Imax 3D films.
Our Press Release to come, here are some previews of the worlds first Dual Epic 3D Imax Gimbal.




Our CableCam on Ikea TVC

Our CableCam was recently used for an IKEA TVC, no other equipment was able to travel so gyro stabilised and smoothly through the wooded environement.


Drones for Real Estate & Super Yachts

An informative film of how the US estate agents and realtors are using drones to photograph high end properties, combined with our real estate & super yachts Showreel.

Aerial work for Jumeirah Property Group

Some outatkes from our shoot at the Jumeirah Beach Residence - The Walk

Footage is untabilized and ungraded

Our Octocopter shoooting for KAEC - Saudi Arabia

We were recently approached to shoot aerials for the King Abdullah Economic City in Saudi Arabia.
The following is an example - the footage is unstabilized and ungraded.

Our Octocopter shoots 6K on a Red Dragon

Both the Octocopter and CableCam were recently used for a Samsung TVC shot in Austria. The Octocopter carried the new 6k Red Dragon in extremely cold conditions with great success.

Making Of